The Christ Letters

Jesus (originally known as Yeshua or Jeshua) was a man who taught the world about a new way of ‘being’. Sadly, much of His teachings were misconstrued – either intentionally or by misunderstanding. The fact remains that He was – and still IS – a Master Teacher. In my opinion, he was – and still IS – the GREATEST TEACHER of all time.

The following is a free course of study to help us understand the true experience of Jesus during His time on Earth as well as His Christed Wisdom in the eternal. This collection of “Christ Letters” was dictated to a person who wishes to remain anonymous. It is said that the process took 40 years to “break” this person of all the wrong-thinking and ego-obstructions that were barring them from receiving these messages in their truest context.

The Christ Letters, Part 1 | Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages

Here’s the complete PLAYLIST on YouTube

MORE Information and Audio Format

These letters are intended as words of wisdom to contemplate. It is jammed packed with so many truths and unique perspectives that it is best to listen for a while — then put it down to reflect on those words for a day or two before resuming.

The Christ Letters come with our highest recommendation. It is extremely high-value content that cannot be found anywhere else.

P.S. I love the voice and style of the narrator in the above video. But found it too fast-paced for my slow learning style. I missed so much information. So there’s another set of videos that narrate this same collection in a much slower style. Here it is…

Christ’s Letters – Letter 1 of 9 | The Impersonal Life

Here’s the complete PLAYLIST on YouTube

And for those of you who really enjoy the reading or audio experience – or who wish to pay tribute to the person who brought this information to us – here’s more information …

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